Effective Strategies, Expertly Implemented

Complex communication challenges don’t just need more people thrown at them.

What they need is specialist help that can start sooner, move faster and consume less of your day in management. This is especially true if they’re in creative sectors with multiple stakeholders and intricate, nuanced messaging.

652South is a specialist communication agency that understands these industries without the need for lengthy briefings. Our clients always have the same, single point of contact so there is no need to repeat information. And with two decades of client-side and agency experience, we always think tactically and move quickly.

We work at the highest level, devising campaign strategies, writing copy and delivering web and print collateral, for some of the world’s most meaningful organisations. Our service helps their communication directors to handle a greater number and complexity of tasks, meet deadlines more effectively, and spread their organisation’s message even further.


Communication Agency Experience

At 652South, we combine a long and successful commercial resume with a deep knowledge of creative industries, brand strategy, campaign management and authors’ rights lobbying.

We have worked with individuals, start-ups, Fortune500 corporations, and international non-profits. We understand the complex challenges that each type of communication project can face and have the experience to efficiently overcome them. We understand how organisations function from the inside. We recognise the importance of transparency and business ethics and know how to manage, motivate and work within multi-disciplined teams. We’ve always operated internationally and are globally informed and culturally sensitive. We also appreciate the value of internal subject matter experts and the importance of proper internal approvals at every level of a project.

Mostly however, we have experienced first-hand the demands placed on busy communication directors’ time when delivering a complex portfolio of projects. It can make working with an external communication agency feel like a chore as one struggles to educate them on both the specifics of our industry and the complex multi-stakeholder messaging that is so essential to success.

Perhaps what you really need is a specialist that can quickly grasp the objective and get to work without multiple briefings, daily time-sapping questions and project dead-ends? Perhaps we can help?

How We Help

You may be one of the few organisations that has a perfectly defined message and knows precisely how to communicate it. But even then, do you have the time to find, brief and manage vendors while supporting others as they deliver on your communication goals?

Imagine a seemingly simple company brochure project for example. Here, the management of multiple vendors can be a full time job in itself. We know this because we’ve worked to balance it alongside our regular tasks many times over years of senior corporate communication positions.

For a number of organisations, our communications agency operates almost as a virtual team member within your department.

We’re on hand, ready-briefed and can promptly apply our knowledge, experience and pre-selected partners to deliver projects. In the brochure example shown here, this might reduce your task list by up to 70% meaning that each project progresses faster, your organisation achieves more and your communication team reclaims the time to focus on the other essential areas of their work.


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