Integrated Brand Communication Strategies for Creative Industries

Strategic Communication

Your audience is busy and today more than ever, there is intense competition for attention. This can make effective communication a huge time commitment for communication directors. With every project, they need to extract the maximum return for their effort as there are a hundred other tasks that need to be managed concurrently.

We have worked in these roles and understand how to deliver results while consuming the minimum of management time. Our communication strategy focus always begins at the objective and works back to actionable tasks with the highest return. We apply our specialist expertise in copywriting and design to handle multiple sub-tasks without the need for re-briefing. We help clients to identify and clarify differentiated key messages, to define them into their simplest form and then share in an absolutely congruous manner.

Brand Development

Formulating a brand communication strategy is firstly an empirical analysis task. Working with your team we analyse your sector, assess the competition for attention that you face and the define audience you need to reach. We then look for ways to segment them that give opportunities not available to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Then we look at the message you’re trying to convey. What is unique about it and how is it perceived by different audiences? Can it be better positioned to help more people appreciate its benefits? Finally, with the objective clarified and in sight, we drill down to a brand vision – a statement of where you want to be – and set out strategic actions to get there.

We have worked with multinationals, medium-sized organisations, non-profits and start-ups to formulate brand development and vision strategies. They have shared the meaning of these organisation and provided engagement, reassurance and navigation to audiences and stakeholders.

Campaign Strategy

We view campaigns almost as sub-brands to your organisation. Then need to retain the same personality and values but zoom-in to focus on a specific element within your organisation’s objectives. And so, we approach them in the same goal-driven manner but with a subtle shift of emphasis more towards persuasion than deal-closing.

Congruity is especially important. To maximise the effectiveness of any campaign, we need to keep an identical position and focus across every communication channel. Here, having the same team handing the messaging, planning and delivery of content pays real dividends.

Do you have a complex project but only enough time to find, brief and manage one agency?

Communication Strategy Examples

Positioning, Web Design and Copywriting for Portland Works

We were contracted to help write, design and build a new online presence for this creative social enterprise. Having been saved by the local community from demolition, Portland Works had restored much of the building and needed to attract grant money and new tenants to secure it’s financial future.

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Campaign Strategy and Copywriting for The Audiovisual Campaign

The Audiovisual Campaign is an international, creator-led movement that encourages lawmakers to add an unassignable, unwaivable right to remuneration for screenwriters and directors into their legislation. We worked with multiple stakeholders and subject matter experts in Europe and Latin America.

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