Brand and Campaign Communication Strategies for Creative Industries

Strategic Communication

Your audience is busy and the competition for attention is ever-increasing. This makes effective communication a huge time commitment for directors who need to extract the maximum return on their effort while juggling a hundred other tasks. Our communication strategy focus begins by redefining wish lists into concise objectives to enable us to manage multiple sub-tasks without the need for re-briefing. We craft differentiated key messages, distilled into their simplest form and apply our specialist expertise in copywriting and design as required.

We have worked with multinationals, non-profits and start-ups to formulate brand development, vision and campaign strategies. We have helped share their voice, create meaningful conversations and provide engagement, reassurance and navigation to audiences and stakeholders.

What We Do
Brand Development

Working with your team, we analyse your sector, assess the competition and define the audience. We segment them to give opportunities not available with a one-size-fits-all approach. Then we look at the message you’re trying to convey to assess what is unique, how different audiences perceive it and how it can be best positioned. Finally, we drill down to a brand vision and set out strategic actions to get you there.

Campaign Strategy

Campaigns are sub-brands to your organisation and need to exhibit the same personality and values. We approach them in the same goal-driven manner but with a subtle shift of emphasis from persuasion to action. Congruity and authenticity are essential, so having the same team handing the messaging and design of content pays dividends.

Do you have a complex project but only enough time to find, brief and manage one agency?

Communication Strategy Examples


Positioning, web design and copywriting for Portland Works

We were contracted to help write, design and build a new online presence for this creative social enterprise. Having been saved by the local community from demolition, Portland Works had restored much of the building and needed to attract grant money and new tenants to secure it’s financial future.

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