Integrated Communication Strategy

Something instilled in us by our client-side experience is that there are no prizes for activity alone. Our communication strategy focus is always on end results and so in every project we begin at the objective and work back. In strategic communication, and despite the huge rate of change brought about by the internet, three things are and have always been true.

  1. Communicating is still expensive, in time as well as money
  2. Your audience is still busy
  3. There is still intense competition for attention

To get the furthest reach and best value from your efforts requires a strategic and congruent approach. Our specialist expertise in copywriting and design pay particular dividends in this regard. We help you to identify and clarify differentiated key messages, to define them into their simplest form and then share in an absolutely congruous manner.

What We Do

Brand Development

Formulating a brand communication strategy is firstly an empirical analysis task. Working with your team we analyse your sector, assess the competition for attention that you face and the define audience you need to reach. We then look for ways to segment them that give opportunities not available to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Then we look at the message you’re trying to convey. What is unique about it and how is it perceived by different audiences? Can it be better positioned to help more people appreciate its benefits? Finally, with the objective clarified and in sight, we drill down to a brand vision – a statement of where you want to be – and set out strategic actions to get there.

We have worked with multinationals, medium sized organisations and with new start-ups to formulate brand development and vision strategies that give meaning to your organisation and provide engagement, reassurance and navigation to audiences and stakeholders.

Campaign Strategy

We view campaigns almost as sub-brands to your organisation. Then need to retain the same personality and values but zoom-in to focus on a specific element within your organisation’s objectives. And so, we approach them in the same goal-driven manner but with a subtle shift of emphasis more towards persuasion than deal-closing.

Congruity is especially important as we must keep an identical position and focus across every communication channel to maximise their effectiveness.

Have a complex project but only enough time to manage and brief one partner?

Communication Strategy Example

The Audiovisual Campaign is an international, creator-led movement that encourages lawmakers to add an unassignable, unwaivable right to remuneration for screenwriters and directors into their legislation. We worked with multiple stakeholders and subject matter experts in Europe and Latin America to define the positioning of this campaign, devise a suite of communication strategies across print, online and social channels, and execute them efficiently.

This campaign has grown from a single page website to the appointment of award winning Chinese director Jia Zhang-ke as its patron. The latest developments have been the successful revision of national authors’ rights legislation by the president of Chile and Colombia in October 2016 and May 2017 respectively.

Define Strategy & Positioning
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