Copywriting for Reports, Websites, Campaigns and the Media

We have commissioned, researched and written hundreds of brand and marketing collateral pieces for use with audiences in Europe, Asia and the Americas. We have also used our copywriting expertise to produce rich but concise content for websites, international campaigns and annual reports. In each case our writing is accurate, approachable and strategically crafted to embed the key messages and seize the expert position.

Our focus on saving your time is prevalent here too. We have already done the legwork to understand the delicate stakeholder balance required in creative industry copywriting. This means we can progress from a brief discussion to an approval-ready draft while consuming the minimum of management resource.

More often than not, our copywriting is translated into other European and Asian languages. Here again, our clear and concise approach pays dividends with a quicker turn around and fewer translation errors.

What We Do

Campaign Copywriting

Another speciality is the production of concise, highly-targeted written content for campaigns and advertising. By distilling the detail down to its essential elements, we embed the key message and hook the audience’s attention in the absolute minimum number of words.

There’s an old adage that suggests if you can’t explain something simply, it’s because you don’t understand it well enough. That’s why in our view, only specialist copywriters can separate out the few crucial concepts that convey the message when space is short.

Writing for the Web

The way that audiences interact with online content has revolutionised copywriting. Whether on websites or social media, the challenge that organisations face today is how to quickly get to the point without dumbing-down the context. Even further than this, some of the most important “readers” of online content are the search engine algorithms that determine your expertise on a particular topic.

While we never counsel clients to sacrifice clarity for search ranking, we have been very successful in using our specialist experience and expertise to carefully tread both paths.

Media Relations

Copywriting for press releases or editorial purposes is a particular speciality of ours. We always aim to use the release as a carrier for the key message and, without dumbing down the facts, find ways to make complex issues accessible to non-experts.

We’ve produced media content for complete technology launches, international policy announcements and national legislative change. In each case we provided all the information, context and tools necessary to allow journalists to produce their own expertly-written articles.

Did you promise you’d only use creative industry specialists for copywriting from now on?

Copywriting Examples

Much of our copywriting is done on behalf of clients or under non-disclosure agreement and so direct attribution is not appropriate. We do however regularly author content for a number of organisations that is publicly available online.

Press Release
Copywriting Portfolio – Press Release
Campaign Manifesto
Copywriting Portfolio – Campaign Writing
Government Lobbying
Copywriting Portfolio – Lobbying
Web Article
Copywriting Portfolio – Web Articles
OpEd Article
Copywriting Portfolio – Editorial Article
Press Release
Copywriting Portfolio – Press Release 2
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