Clients and Testimonials

652South Clients

We are proud to count some of the world’s most meaningful organisations amongst our clients. Many of these have been with us since we began in 2011. What links them is that they each do creative, important or altruistic work that makes a significant positive contribution to the world. These are qualities that we also aim to personify and with which we are proud to be associated.

Do you aim to make the same impact in your sector as these organisations do in theirs?

Testimonials from Recent Clients

“652South has proven itself a true asset for our communications and PR activities over the recent years. We know we can rely on them to deliver high quality services quickly and efficiently while the “can-do” approach and quick turnaround on urgent matters has allowed us to meet strict deadline on major projects with great success. Marco is a real pleasure to work with and we have been extremely satisfied with the way in which he has been able to tailor his services to meet our constantly-changing needs and come up with new ideas to improve our communications and take them to the next level.”

“I worked with 652South on a recent campaign in support of audiovisual authors’ rights where we had to deliver within a short timeline a brochure and a website in different languages. Marco impressed me with his commitment and pro-activity, understanding our specific needs and immediately proposing solutions. He enthusiastically took over the coordination with the graphic designer and saved us a lot of time. Marco is someone you can really rely on and I highly recommend him.”

Géraldine Loulergue-Husson
Director of International Affairs
Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers (SACD)

“For a worldwide organization like ours, with too many bottlenecks (times zones, multi-language translations) speed is essential. Also, most of the times we deal with complex legislative issues and we need a partner with attention to detail and understanding. 652South has always worked with effeciency and effectiveness both with us and some of our partner organizations, such as the Pan-Africa Composer & Songwriter Alliance and Fair Trade Music International, and we look forward to continuing our cooperation.”

Lorenzo Ferrero
Honourary President
The International Council of Music Authors

“I have the pleasure to work with 652South on CISAC International Creators’ Councils different activities. A true professional and extremely reliable, I know I can count on Marco for whatever the creators or I may need, from designing a fantastic website in a blink (or any other communication tool) to helping with the strategy of a worldwide campaign.”

“652South helped us to build an international campaign. You know, campaign objectives, communication strategy plan, positioning, coordinate all this stuff with a bit of branding and design, communication tools, social media. Working with authors and legal experts, finding the right message. The audience? Well, almost everybody; law makers, creators, users. We needed visibility, effectiveness, but speed also – first for China, then Latin America, Europe and now for Africa, our next target. Still great to work with you Marco … So, what about Africa?”

“I worked with 652South on a weekly basis for three years and the quality of their work is second to none. Marco is a smart, hard-working, result-oriented communications expert who consistently meets client expectations, including when working under pressure to meet tight deadlines. I would recommend Marco whole-heartedly to any company who may want to leverage their communications expertise.”

Cécile Roy
Director of Communications
Siemens Mobility, France