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As a design agency, we are passionate about art and creativity. During our broad international experience, we have art directed and delivered brochures, websites, advertisements, photography and video for multi-billion dollar organisations, small start-ups and international non-profits.

We handle much of our work in-house but also have a network of pre-selected specialist partners to draw upon. Working together we have also created complete films, illustrations, animations, show stands and demonstration materials that effectively condense detailed messages into intuitive, attention-grabbing communication tools.

Design Agency Expertise

Our core expertise is in taking complex objectives and translating them into concise artistic briefs that ensure our clients get the result they need with the minimum number of project reviews. We then work side by side with our team of talented partners – designers, photographers, video directors or online media developers – to deliver each project on time and on budget.

We are also often called upon to manage projects using our clients preferred vendors. In these cases, we take on the responsibility and day-to-day workload of the project while applying the same collaborative approach to creative consultancy right through to completion.

What We Do

Web Design

The unique skill that 652South has when building websites is the ability to take on every stage of the project from strategy, through design and branding, to the copywriting of all online content. This means that a client will only need one point of contact in one communication and design agency throughout the project. This simplifies project management and avoids any delays or disagreements caused by multiple vendors relying on each other for completed project phases.

We have led web design projects for all sizes of organisation from start-up businesses to NYSE listed multinationals. In each case we begin with a ground-up review of your key strategy goals and brand personality. We create a site map that reflects the desired positioning and intelligently segments the offering to optimise engagement and navigation. We then either begin copywriting and designing content or work with our client’s own preferred writers or in-house developers. When the site is launched we train the internal team in its management or stay on-retainer to maintain and build upon the launched product.

Print Design

While online content is taking the lead today, printed collateral remains one of the most important physical touchpoints that an organisation can use to support its brand and marketing strategies. As with every other communication channel, these must be concise, targeted and perfectly branded. We have print design skills in-house but often work either with our own network of design partners or with a client-nominated vendor. In each case, we identify the wider objective of the project and break down all the constituent elements to ensure that the final printed piece is fully congruous with the positioning of the organisation.

This methodology pays dividends on all kinds of printed materials. We have designed complete brand identity packages for €5bn+ internationals, trilingual annual reports, global campaign brochures, and 20 metre billboards for use in a US based employee engagement drive. Each was meticulously drafted, delivered on time and thanks to a strategic approach that places the communication objective at the heart of the project, highly effective.

Presentation Content Strategy and Design

Clients often call upon our support when they have an important message to convey to stakeholders. We help deliver a clear vision, a concise message and an exceptional set of presentation materials. Over the years, we have created more than 500 electronic and printed presentations that have been used with almost every major vehicle manufacturer; with UK, French, German and US government agencies; with investors and Wall Street analysts; and with employees across the globe.

Focusing again on maximising your management time, we take your concepts from rough white board sketches through to creative, polished and self-explanatory presentation slides.

Photography, Video Production and Show Stand Design

With the web being such a competitive visual medium, creative photography is more important than ever in informing, exciting and engaging your audiences. Strong, storytelling images bring life to your websites, depth to your brochures or printed materials and function superbly as enlightening large-sized displays for shows, events and reception areas.

We provide art direction and photography for locations, events and for products ranging from an electronic module smaller than a cell phone to a fully show-finished, 300kg commercial truck axle. These images have been used in international advertising campaigns, in annual reports for Wall Street analysts and in a multitude of online and print pieces that helped enlighten their industries and drive engagement.

Finally, we are specialists in event management and have directed the strategy, stand design, exhibits, graphics, ground arrangements, marketing collateral and complete event running for a number of the world’s most prestigious public shows. This experience extends from premier-position stands at the world’s largest motor shows in Frankfurt and Paris to remote strategy, product and literature support for events across three continents.

Do you need a specialist, creative design agency that can also manage and copywrite your project?

Design Agency Examples

Whether designing in-house or art directing the work of a specialist partner organisation, we are passionate about brand alignment, impact and simplicity. Our experience allows us to handle the majority of the complete project stages ourselves including strategy, pagination planning, copywriting and photography. This leaves less day-to-day chasing of vendors for our clients to do and means they can achieve more for their organisation.

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