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Every day, we are surrounded by inspiring design and great communication. But it’s often easy to miss because if implemented well, it fits seamlessly within an organisation and doesn’t look anything special. But of course, that’s not the case.

Why not begin looking for ideas like those in our brand communication blog. Grab a quick photo, take a clipping, start your own list.


Be Kind to Clients: Make Copywriting Easier to Review

We all understand why context is important in a piece of copywriting. To create the impact we need, it’s vital to understand the place that your opinion occupies in the world. We need to appreciate the motivation and potential objections of the people that are going to read it. And we must know when to…
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Hammond Organs and the Merits of the Difficult Path

This is the inside of a 1960 Hammond C3 organ. And it’s being repaired. Again. Even if you’re not a music lover, you’ll recognise the sound of this instrument in the opening bars to “Gimme Some Loving” by the Spencer Davis Group and in just about everything from Motown through 70s rock to modern acid…
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Authors Rights

Fair Trade Music

This is an amazing Japanese hip-hop artist that we discovered on Spotify this week. There is zero chance we would have even found this artist a few years ago and our musical reach is broader and more enjoyable now than we ever imagined. But it’s hard to shake the feeling that we are part of…
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How Working Abroad Taught Us to Communicate Back Home

If you get the chance to work abroad, seize it with both hands. Apart from the amazing experiences that travelling and working in new places will bring, the change you’ll need to make to your own communication process is great training for when you get home. Most of 652South’s work today is with non-native English…
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You Don’t Always Need to Follow the Rules

We saw this amazing band in a small club recently – the photo above shows just how small! One guy plays drums with left hand, synth bass with his right and sings. The other guy plays lead lines on a regular 4 string P-bass. After five minutes, it’s not strange any more and they’re “just”…
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