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A Scrapbook of Ideas and Examples

Every day, we are surrounded by inspiring design and great communication. But it’s often easy to miss because if implemented well, it fits seamlessly within an organisation and doesn’t look anything special. But of course, that’s not the case.

Why not begin looking for ideas like those in our brand communication blog. Grab a quick photo, take a clipping, start your own list.

Fair Trade Music
This is an amazing Japanese hip-hop artist that we discovered on Spotify this week. There is zero chance we would have even found this artist a few years ago and…
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The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing
Our approach is absolutely rooted in classical marketing and there is no better way to understand the key principals then to spend an hour or so with this book. “The…
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Kubrick and Us
It seems that Kubrick and us have at least one thing in common … we both love movies and typography. He was, it seems, “wedded to his sans serifs”. A fascinating…
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Leadership Strategy vs. Biology
We just found an incredible film that we had to share. Here Simon Sinek describes the biological reasoning for leadership in a manner that is the antithesis of the usual…
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Stomp Box Branding Lessons
We spent a number of very happy but tragically wage-less years in the music industry. Like many companies today, the brands that dominated the equipment market in the 1990’s had…
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Don’t Say It, Prove It
There is a great pub near our office that serves beautifully prepared, home cooked food. The menu tells us that the ingredients are of the highest quality, individually selected and…
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Be Generous With Praise
The importance of good manners with colleagues and competitors is not new and not just for reciprocity. Just ask Alfred Hitchcock. (Found via the excellent @FilmHistoryPics Twitter account)
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Always Listen to Seth
As usual, there was more great stuff in this one hour keynote speech than I could write down so here’s the whole clip. It’s a really worthwhile way of spending…
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Brand Positioning at Sea
Thanks to a combination of foreign parentage and international clients, we’ve been crossing the English Channel up to a dozen times a year since the mid nineties. During that time…
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The Psychology of Colour in Marketing and Branding

We just finished a branding project for an African audiovisual organisation and as usual, colour choice was a fascinating challenge. According to this article on the psychology of colour in marketing and branding, we have “cheerful confidence”.

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