We’re all brand communicators now

Having coffee with a friend recently and they noticed the advert above stuck to a lamp post. “Look at that – they don’t even give their address. How is anybody meant to find them?”

It’s not a bad question. Five years ago it would have been an even better one. Today though, the act of locating a business – either physically or on the web – is so technologically simple, many organisations feel it’s hardly worth adding that information.

The interesting part is that removing this requirement for factual content can effectively turn all types of communication into brand communication. The kind that previously only huge organisations with expensively-acquired household names were allowed to use.

So if the location doesn’t matter, what does?

The goal here is finding an identity or key message that resonates with a particular audience. It doesn’t need to be for everyone. Some people will see a sticker like this and, as Seth says, they will think “hey, people like us do things like this”.

In doing that we’ve solved the hardest part of connecting with an audience. Now imagine its a website, an annual report or an email rather than a sticker. Perhaps the same can apply.

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