Your Music, Your Future

A new campaign targeting the fair remuneration of composers has recently launched. Operating under the banner “Your Music, Your Future”, the campaign is dedicated to educating composers and creators about their options when it comes to compensation.

A new website lays out the organisation’s mission:

“Let’s be real. Writing music for television isn’t easy – the reality is that usually composers break-even or lose money when we score or provide other music for shows. We must invest in equipment, musicians, studio time and engineers. We actually are ‘investing’ in the shows we work on. That’s why performance royalties are so vital. Collecting them is the only way to put food on the table and pay the rent. It’s the only way to compose music as a career and not a hobby.

We are a community of, for, and by composers, songwriters, music producers, and creators. Founded by Joel Beckerman, David Vanacore, Gabriel Mann and Miriam Cutler —carried forward by you.”

Learn more at

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