Mechanical Licensing Collective receives $424m in unmatched digital royalties

The Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC) today announced receipt of US $424m in accrued historical unmatched royalties from digital service providers. Also received were more than 1,800 data files, which contain in excess of 1.3 terabytes and nine billion lines of data to identify the usage related to these royalties.

The MLC is now able to begin the challenging review and analysis process to find and pay the proper copyright owners.

Of this total figure, the largest amount was received from Apple Inc. who transferred some $163m. Spotify USA Inc. was a close second at $152m. Amazon Music and Google, LLC also featured at the top of this list paying around $43m and $33m respectively. Other streaming services such as SoundCloud and Tidal  were included as well as digital radio station Pandora which alone added $12m to the total.

More information along with a top-level breakdown of these amounts is available at

(This article was written for and originally published at Fair Trade Music International.)

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